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It was Spider Woman who preserved the Dine (Navajo) people from the evils that surrounded them when they emerged into the Third-World. For this reason she became one of their most cherished Gods. It was also Spider Women who taught the Dine to weave. Spider Women told the Dine ancestors of the first weaving loom constructed by her husband. He made the cross poles of sky and earth cords; the warp sticks of sun rays, lengthwise to cross the woof; the healds of rock crystal and sheet lightning, to maintain the condition of the fibers. For the batten he choose a sun halo to seal the joints, and a comb of white shell to clean the strands.

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$245.00 PLUS S&H
This is a great pictoral weaving by Navajo weaver ALMA HARDY. Alma used her Tree of Life pattern. There are so many natural colors used in this weaving I havent bothered to count them. This rug measures 27x16 inches and would look great on any wall or table. This pattern is very intricate and time consuming I am told by weavers. I can furnish a warp/weft count for this weaving via email request. If you would like to see more photos of this item contact me and I will email them to your address. Alma is from Cedar Ridge on the the northwest region of the Navajo Nation.

  Alma Hardy is one of the few traditional Navajo weavers still producing a limited number of weavings. You can be assured this weaving will increase in value in the years to come. I can furnish a warp/weft count for this weaving via email request. If you would like to see more photos of this item contact me and I will email them to your address.

One of the most compelling aspects to the art of weaving is not something seen with the naked eye. Looking carefully at the remarkable design of a Navajo rug, you may immediately recognize the maker's gift of craftsmanship. What may not be evident is that its true allure comes straight from the heart of the weaver.
Within its precious threads, centuries of artistic expression are meticulously woven together with the very spirit of the person who created it. From heart to hand, stories of lives, loves and families flow through the loom, weaving a wealth of personal history into its fabric and making each piece a delight to the touch, the eye and even the soul. Legend has it the ancient art was handed down to the first Navajo people over 2,500 years ago by Spider Woman, who inspired them to weave their strong spiritual connection to nature into their designs.
Patterns of wind, sky and mountains came to reflect the haunting beauty of their beloved land. And through the generations, the art itself became a "way of being", an important life ritual, as weavers used their looms in daily prayer to the cosmos to assure harmony and balance with the elements.
Today's artists follow the path of the ancients by weaving their own personality and character into their designs. Highly original and innovative, they often add an exciting new twist to the traditional tapestry techniques to give their creations a life beyond warmth or decoration - and make art that is appreciated as much for its spirit as it is for its beauty.
~  Wrote byJ. R. Fowler, Navajo Artist~

 Navajo weavings make an excellent investment. Experts claim good Navajo weavings increase in value 20% a year. Unlike Navajo reproduction weavings imported from other countries.

This weaving is 100% authentic 100% handmade by a Native American person. This weaving was made in the USA. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.If you have any questions about this item, email me at FEBANKS@4cornersindianart.com.




Price = $245.00 plus $12.00 S&H = $237.00