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This is a very nice carving by JOHNNY FREEMAN. Johnny comes from the Tonalea area of the Navajo Nation and is known as a very fine Kachina Doll artist among his people. Johnny calls this piece MUDHEAD. He sometimes appears in night ceremonies with the Eagle Kachina This Kachina stands 28 inches from the base to the top of the headfeathers. As always Johnny has paid very close attention to detail when making this piece. The cape and breechcloth were made from deerhide. There are 5 seashells on the front of the cape and 2 on the back. There is a ring of bells around each leg. His headfeathers are a dark orange and yellow color and are unique and very beautiful. This piece has been signed by the artist on the bottom of the base.

The Hopi name for Mudhead is KOYEMSI. Koyemsi is the most common Hopi clown. His body is smeared with dark red colored corn smut. He appears in mixed Kachina Dances and sometimes a group of Koyemsi appear in a dance of their own. At First Mesa they are said to sing Zuni songs. Koyemsi likes to carry balls of mud which he smears on his victims. A number of Koyemsi come with Soyoko after the Bean Dance and demand sweet cornmeal from the girls. If you would like to see more photos of this piece, contact me and I will email them to your address.

This Kachina is 100% authentic 100% handmade by a Native American person. This item was made in the USA. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions about this item email me at FEBANKS@4cornersindianart.com.

Price= $225.00 plus $14.00 S&H= $239.00