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It was Spider Woman who preserved the Dine (Navajo) people from the evils that surrounded them when they emerged into the Third-World. For this reason she became one of their most cherished Gods. It was also Spider Women who taught the Dine to weave. Spider Women told the Dine ancestors of the first weaving loom constructed by her husband. He made the cross poles of sky and earth cords; the warp sticks of sun rays, lengthwise to cross the woof; the healds of rock crystal and sheet lightning, to maintain the condition of the fibers. For the batten he choose a sun halo to seal the joints, and a comb of white shell to clean the strands.

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$115.00 PLUS S&H

This beautiful loom and small rug was handcrafted by Navajo weaver, EVELYN NEZ. Evelyn lives between Pinion and the Blue Gap area of the Navajo Nation, a very remote area. She is a lifelong weaver and does a great job making looms.

The loom itself is crafted out of native juniper. The weaving is a very detailed CHINLE pattern. Evelyn has also done a great job on the Navajo weaver doll, it is a very authentic traditonal weaver. She has her hair rolled up and tied in the style of the old time Navajo. She is wearing a necklace,  and a sash wedding belt. There are 3 balls of different colored yarn, used to make this small weaving hanging from the top of the loom.There is one of her handcrafted weaving tools placed in between the warp strings, a wooden fork used for tamping down the weft strands. The overall measurments for this piece is 25X18 inches. Evelyn is a very accomplished weaver, she also weaves full size rugs.


 Navajo weavings make an excellent investment. Experts claim good Navajo weavings increase in value 20% a year. Unlike Navajo reproduction weavings imported from other countries.

This weaving is 100% authentic 100% handmade by a Native American person. This weaving was made in the USA. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.If you have any questions about this item, email me at FEBANKS@4cornersindianart.com.




Price = $115.00 plus $17.00 S&H = $132.00